Kerry A. Richards

Kerry A. Richards obtained a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from the University of Washington in 1973 and his Juris Doctorate (JD) from Willamette University in December 1975. He began his legal career with Joel Bradshaw upon passing the Washington State Bar in June 1976, and they have remained friends, colleagues and partners to this day.

While Kerry previously enjoyed a multi discipline practice area, in recent years, his focus has been on family law; both in the areas of divorce and estate planning/probate. His previous general practice involving real estate transactions, business formations, personal injury, juvenile court proceedings, adoptions, guardianship and criminal law all lend themselves to a greater expertise today in family law. This family law speciality benefits from the expertise gained from those other practice areas.

In his spare time, Kerry pursues his interest in theater, where he has volunteered as a trustee for many years with the Seattle Children's Theater. He has strong ties with many theater companies in the Seattle area, and currently also serves on the Advisory Board of the University of Washington School of Drama. Kerry also enjoys sailing, skiing, fishing and cooking.

While Kerry fully believes in preparation and, if necessary, court to resolve outstanding differences, he also sees mediation as an excellent model for resolving differences between spouses or family members. Dissolution issues, being so involved with judicial discretion are best resolved where risks can be managed by the parties themselves in formal negotiations that employ a facilitator/mediator.

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Kerry was extremely patient with me as he helped me understand the process and options. Yet he was also swift to act when necessary. Most of all I really appreciated how proactive Kerry was which served to keep me informed, appraised and avoid surprises. Ultimately it’s the outcome that really matters and in this regard, Kerry and his firm delivered for me.

Alan, Seattle

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