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Seattle law firm Bradshaw & Richards P.S. has decades of experience in family law, personal injury law, estate planning and business law.  We offer our clients guidance and expertise navigating complex legal situations.  

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Washington Law Help
This site provides helpful information on topics such as divorce, custody, adoption, and other family law issues. 

Washington State Court Forms
The Washington State Court has most forms that you might need here on this site, including divorce or separation, child support, protective orders, child relocation, and more.  

US Department of State
This site provides helpful information pertaining to passports and family law.  

UW Gallagher Law Library
The University of Washington's School of Law website has great information across a wide range of legal topics.  

10 Steps To Estate Planning

Regardless of your age, estate planning can give you and your loved ones peace of mind during the most difficult of times.  Read our tips to estate planning here. 

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Estate Planning

Questions regarding probates and estate planning are common.  Read our answers here to frequently asked questions such as; What is the difference between a durable power of attorney and a medical power of attorney? What is a probate? And, how long does a probate usually last?

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Family Law

Many of our clients have questions pertaining to Family Law, such as; In a divorce, should the division of assets and liabilities be equal? How long does a divorce take usually?  What is a parenting plan?  

Read more about these topics and more here.

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